We Help Lincoln, NE Drivers Take Care of Their Tires

September 9th, 2019 by

If you asked our Nebraska Mazda dealers, they would agree that the most exciting part of their day is watching a happy driver or family head off the lot in their brand new Mazda car or SUV. However, here at Woodhouse Mazda, we’re here for the whole life of your car, from your first test drive to your day-to-day maintenance. And today we want to talk about an important part of taking care of your vehicle, even if it’s less exciting than handing over the keys.

Proper tire maintenance can extend the life of your tires (and save you money,) improve your mileage, and keep you safer. And our Omaha, NE Mazda service center is here to help! There are three important tire service tasks that should be performed regularly. The first is the easiest: checking your tire pressure. In fact, you can do this on your own, although our technicians are of course happy to help as well. That way, you can make sure your tires are properly inflated for optimum performance, and you can spot slow leaks.

We recommend bringing your Mazda vehicle to us for the second and third tasks – tire rotations and wheel alignments. Tire rotations ensure even wear and tear on all your tires by rotating their positions, and alignments not only prevent too much wear on one part of a tire but keep you safer on the road.

While most moments as a car owner aren’t as much fun as when you first buy your Mazda3 or Mazda CX-9, regular maintenance for your car and your tires can keep your car healthy for many years to come. Visit our Woodhouse Mazda service center for help taking the best possible care of your car!

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