Should I Buy or Lease a Mazda Vehicle? Woodhouse Mazda Can Help You Decide

Making the decision to buy or lease a brand-new Mazda vehicle might not be easy, but our staff at Woodhouse Mazda is always here to help. We have a knowledgeable Mazda finance team in-house who will go over the advantages of each option so that you can make the best possible decision to match up with your budget as well as your driving needs. Once you come by to see our team, we can set you up to take a few vehicles for a test drive and also discuss those monthly payment expectations, and all other details you need.

When You Should Lease

One of the major reasons people lease a Mazda vehicle near Omaha, NE is to avoid the depreciation that new-car purchases are known for. Even though you finance some of the depreciation, you will only be responsible for the vehicle value measured in the lease term instead of the total value that would be your responsibility with a purchase. While leasing means that you will miss out on equity that comes from buying and paying off a vehicle to own it outright, you do have the option of returning your lease to lease a newer one or to walk away. You will never have to look for a good trade-in value or to try to sell the vehicle on your own.

When You Should Buy

Buying a new Mazda car in the Omaha, NE area will make sense if you want pride of ownership and equity. You could like the idea of driving a vehicle, paying it off, and not having to worry about payments each month. When you are ready to trade it in, you can take advantage of the equity. Another great reason for buying is that you have the ability to customize your ride and you will never have to worry about the mileage cap that comes with a lease agreement.

Financing a Mazda Vehicle at Our Dealership

We make it easy for you to finance a new Mazda CX-5 or another model at Woodhouse Mazda. We have a friendly Mazda finance team and we can go over all of the details of your lease or purchase agreement while also talking about available specials that could save you money. You can visit our website to use some of our convenient finance tools or stop by to see us in person at 6603 L Street in beautiful Omaha, NE. If you have questions when it comes to pricing, selection or dealership incentives, you can call us at (855) 889-8061.