Get Your Mazda Ready for Spring

March 14th, 2019 by

Seasons change, and when winter finally moves into spring, there is always a great amount of excitement in the air for what is to come. Whether you have daily driving for work and family or you are planning out road trips and weekend adventures, you need be sure that your Mazda3 or Mazda CX-9 will perform beautifully at all times. Regardless of your plans, you can always count on Woodhouse Mazda’s service team to take care of all of your spring automotive needs for you. With a simple phone call to our Mazda service center, you can set up an appointment at your earliest convenience.


Time for Cleaning


We encourage all of our customers to make sure that all of the road grime and salt from winter roads is thoroughly washed off of their vehicle, even paying attention to the undercarriage. You should also make sure that you vacuum the interior and wipe down all the surfaces to keep it looking good as new.


Top Off Fluids


In addition to a full-service oil change, our Mazda service technicians will take a look at your engine. We will make sure that all of your other important fluids are topped off so that everything runs smoothly.


Tire Check


Are your tires in good shape after the tough winter weather that we just went through? We can check your tires for damage, uneven wear and tear, or low inflation levels. If we feel as though you should replace your tires, we can get you what you need and then have them professionally mounted and balanced for you so that you are good to go!


6603 L Street in Omaha, NE is where you will find us at Woodhouse Mazda. If you would like to set up a service appointment, you can reach us by calling (855) 897-6095. For your convenience, our Mazda service center is open Monday through Friday from 7am to 6pm and on Saturday from 8am to 1pm.

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